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We received 7200 gemstone hearts, 27,000 drilled gemstone pendants, 1200 Fluorite tealight holders and 180 kilos of flat stones this week, and expected further for our summer break (NOTE: SUMMER HOLIDAY CLOSED 13 TO 28 JULY) 2 containers with Indonesia goods (container with wood / bronze / dream catchers and another container with rough and cut stones)

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Tube with 500 grams Palo Santo (Holy wood) from Ecuador

Tube with 500 grams Palo Santo (Holy wood) from Ecuador


Tube with 500 grams Palo Santo (Holy wood) from Ecuador


Pure, clean and honest sacred wood of the original inhabitants of Ecuador purchased directly (see photo) Lovely selected small pieces of wood in nice tube with free sales description.

More information

Palo Santo (Bursera graveolens) is a typical tree that grows along the coast of the Pacific Ocean in Central South America. The tree is also known as the "Holy Wood" because its blossom arises during the Christmas season. The wood is very recognizable by its unrivaled fragrance. Palo Santo trees are cut under the supervision of the government by the inhabitants of the South American jungles. The wood is from the ground "harvested" only 4 to 10 years after the boom it has unleashed on nature-friendly way. It is during this period that the wood as it were matures and the healing effect gives to the fragrance of the wood. None of the tree is damaged during this process.

Palo Santo is often used for:
• meditation,
• purification,
• improving the flow of energy in the body,
• The ward off bad energy, misfortune and disasters. 

The Palo Santo is completely pure (pure wood) you can burn them in a short time from a few seconds up to a minute. Preferably in the South American tiger shell. While the wood burned, the space is filled with a sweet, resinous scent.

Palos santo

The unique concept of the tubes (displays) of Timmersgems.

Our unique packaging concept take a shopkeepers worries away. We have put this line on the market to meet the growing demand for information leaflets and competitive prices. This new Timmersgems line gives you a lot of advantages that we put below this straight.

1. Competitive prices :.
You always get a better price for the article in the tube than if you would buy separately the article.

2. Free brochure:
In the box are some free additional directories that you can provide to your customers.This shows a lot of information about the product which your customers will surely appreciate.

3. Eco Friendly:
Packaged in a 100% to handle plastic sleeve separated you will find the product without additional packaging. No trees are cut down to pack the product in wooden boxes, we still use a filler as example polyethylene.

4. Beautiful presentation:
The sleeve can thus put in the shop and is wonderful to show the product to your customers (even if counter display)