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New this week; Sage from USA, saltlamps from Pakistan and dreamcatchers from Indonesia. Very slowly, countries will open again, Morocco will open, and we expect a 40 foot container with Selenite, minerals and fossils next week. 

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Tube with 50 "Magic Moon" eggs

Tube with 50 "Magic Moon" eggs


Tube with 50 "Magic Moon" eggs


Beautiful wish eggs, which are cut by hand from Quartz not to be confused with Moonstone although this is a lot similar. For years a big hit.

More information

• Our Magic Moon egg quartz lies against the enchanted with, beautiful opalisatie / iridescence most resemble opaline or opalite, but it is not and it has nothing to do with it. If you look at the stone you will experience a spiritual glow and reminiscent of a crescent moon in clouds haze full of flare and color spectacles.

• Magic or sorcery is the alleged art of manipulating reality from the idea that one can get in touch with the supernatural through rituals and incantations. One of the functions of magic and give it unusual interpretation or to give guidance in an uncertain world. Practices that are seen as magical include predict, astrology, conjure, witchcraft, sorcery, spiritualism and sometimes alchemy. Modern anthropological and sociological studies of magic see these and other practices now rather as aspects and expressions of a total world view of a particular culture at a particular time, as well religion and science are part of the culture of a people. Magic is not just in other words a 'technique': they inevitably out of an underlying worldview, a way everything that happens understood and explained. With magic is also a way of rationality, a cosmology described are assumed invisible forces.

The moon

The unique concept of the tubes (displays) of Timmersgems.

Our unique packaging concept and show kettles take as a shopkeeper worries.
We have this line on the market to meet the growing demand for information leaflets and competitive prices. This new Timmersgems line gives you many advantages that we put underneath this one straight.

1. Competitive prices :.
You always get a better price for the article in the shaft than if you would buy loose the article.

2. Free leaflet:
In the box are some free extra folders that you can provide to your customers.
It displays a lot of information about the product that will enable your customer certainly appreciated.

3. Eco Friendly:
Packaged in a 100% to separately handle plastic sleeve can be found without additional packaging the product.
No trees are felled to package the product in wooden boxes we still use as a filler for example polyethylene.

4. Beautiful presentation:
The case, you can put them into the store and is great to show the product to your customers (as well as counter display)