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30th november grape Agate from Indonesia, furthermore received silver jewellery with Seraphinite, Larimar and Charoite, furthermore expected container with Chinese stones, and nice polished smoothstones. Order by webshop, or visit us.

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Chrysoprase from Australia, in silver "Prestige" pendants (925/000 silver)


Chrysoprase from Australia, in silver "Prestige" pendants (925/000 silver)


Chrysoprase from Australia, in silver "Prestige" pendants (925/000 silver)


Prestige not only looks after beautifully cut gemstones, but the pendants are also made of the highest silver content. And each pendant is unique and weighs between 7 and 20 grams!

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Chrysoprase (Greek: chrysos, gold and prason, leek) is a variety of the mineral chalcedony with which it shares chemical, optical and physical properties. It can contain small amounts of nickel and has a color that can range from apple green to deep green. Chrysoprase is often used as a gemstone. Chrysoprase is produced in Australia (Queensland and Western Australia), Germany, Poland, Russia, the United States (in the states of Arizona and California) and Brazil. Chrysoprase is relatively rare. The mineral is found between layers of weathered, serpentine rock. This rock is removed as much as possible with bulldozers or other heavy equipment. Then the emerald-green chalcedony is carefully further stripped of the mother rock by hand. Citroen Chrysoprase naturally owes its name to its lemon-yellow color. The attributed action includes: * Stimulates organs in general * Increases clarity * Promotes mental growth * Provides adaptability * Makes forgiveness * Allows the skin to recover faster * Against heart cramps and arrhythmias * Against bleeding in general