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Chi = DNA = feng shui spiral now extra large sphere (50 instead of 40 mm)

Chi = DNA = feng shui spiral now extra large sphere (50 instead of 40 mm)


Chi = DNA = feng shui spiral now extra large sphere (50 instead of 40 mm)


"SAPPHIRE" called. Very beautiful cornflower blue quartz sphere put in nice steel spiral.

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Handmade CHI spirals made weatherproof, real crystal balls. If the spiral runs then it creates a great visual effect. Hang in, in the garden or on the terrace. A nice gift to give away.

The crystal ball CHI spiral is available in size 50 mm. Note that the size may vary slightly because the coils are handmade. Some tips when using the CHI spiral: Spirals with a 50 mm crystal ball should be hung with a few fishing lines The longer the line, the longer takes the spiral. with a 3-meter line will spiral 20 minutes or rotating. Place the line exactly in the middle of the eye in order to stimulate the turn.

The crystal ball acts as a magnifying glass, the focal point is about 3 cm (1 ") of the glass. The coil does not hang in contact with a curtain in a sunny window. Do not place the crystal ball in the sun on combustible material.The spiral can hang in a sunny area with no problems as long as the above situations are avoided.

Feng Shui, please do not think that it is superstition. It's all about thinking in symbols and can really develop the brain. The Swiss psychologist Carl Jung told about this. Feng Shui is a complex Chinese art that has been developed to heaven and earth a better place to live and to promote health, prosperity and happiness. Chi-Spiral is the tool to bring energy into your home. Hang the spiral and let energy flow and a sense of well-being in your home. Feng Shui (pronounced: fang sjweej / [ˌfʌŋʃweɪ]) is the more than 3000 year old philosophy that teaches how the environment can affect happiness. Feng Shui is considered pseudoscience. Feng shui literally means "wind and water", in the funeral book Zang Shu (葬 書) that says: "Qi floats on the wind (feng) and spreads, but remains where the water (shui) encounters". Feng Shui teaches that influences design and decor have on the welfare and happiness of man, and how negative influences can be changed into positive. Feng Shui is about the relationship between humans and the living and working environments and focuses on harmony between natural and created forms. Everything that makes man is essentially not natural, but can be brought into harmony with nature. The goal of feng shui is so to adjust our living and working environments that promote a harmonious flow of Qi. In Chinese philosophy is all about harmony and balance between the opposing, but complementary forces of yin and yang.