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After 41 years we finally received 5 life-size powwow drums! Furthermore, 17 new types of stone from Madagascar and South Africa. come along or order via the webshop. (saterday 23th november we are closed)

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Chakra pendants 2015 models in silver

Chakra pendants 2015 models in silver


Chakra pendants 2015 models in silver


At TG we have already 37 years something with chakras, in 1988 we were the first with chakra candles, in 2013 the first chakra hats, and now we have 8 new chakras pendants.


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Generator energy-generators may be used in very many ways. They can be placed around your space in order to purify it, and to activate, to transmute the energy and energy channels, they can be used for healing. Great job for energy. Place them in areas of the body where the energy must be transmuted. They can also be around plants and animal shelters. You can create grids with them. Wherever there is a ganerator, energy will not stagnate. This instrument with two pyramids is their principle based on the geophysics: Geophysics is the study of the physical phenomena that occur in the Earth. Geophysics is among the earth sciences, but is also seen as a specialization in physics. Broader geophysical examine all components of the Earth system, but a distinction can be made between the geophysics of the atmosphere (eg, meteorology and climatology), the geophysics of the ocean (physical oceanography) and the geophysics of the solid Earth. In the narrower sense as the only geophysics geophysics of the solid earth, and then a lot of similarities with the geology and geochemistry.

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