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Sea container from Peru with Pyrite, Angelite, Chrysocolla, Mangano Calcite, Pink Andesopal and so on. Another 2000 kilos of Paua shells from New Zealand, 13 tons of Black Tourmaline from Orissa / India, 1100 lasered Selenite plates (Ohm, Flower of Life & Tree of Life) 27,000 bundles of Sage / 300 kilos of loose sage and a full salt container! Order via the website, or call for an appointment. The coffee is ready!

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Carnelian faceted pendant from Uruguay (new in 2021)

Carnelian faceted pendant from Uruguay (new in 2021)


Carnelian faceted pendant from Uruguay (new in 2021)


98% of the Carnelians are "Orange colored Agates" a big exception are the Carnelians from Artigas / Uruguay, these pendants are very beautifully faceted in free form, they don't have a hanging eye!



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Carnelian is a flesh to brown-red, translucent to opaque variety of chalcedony. It belongs to the quartz. The element that causes the red color is iron, which is contained in small impurities in the mineral. Heating can cause the color to deepen. Carnelian is named after the Latin carnis, which means "meat". The old Dutch name is carnelian. Carnelian was used in the manufacture of seal stones and jewelry before the dawn of our era. Carnelian was said to protect against strife, toothache and nervous disorders, quell bleeding, lower fever, reduce wrath and bring happiness. Carnelian originates in volcanic and weathering zones and is known from India, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Important sites are in Brazil, the United States, Australia, Russia, the Czech Republic, Germany and Romania.