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Finally……. 4 containers in 1 week! Morocco container with 16 new laser engravings & “charging” coasters! Furthermore, 55 HEM varieties that we have not had since August 2020, and on Monday April 26, we hope to have 17 new salt products in our bag and new salt lamps. We also expect a container from Brazil with Amethyst, Agate and many new tea light holders on Wednesday. CALL AND VISIT US, OR ORDER THROUGH THE WEBSITE!

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Caribbean blue Calcite from Pakistan. (best-selling stone from '20 / '21)


Caribbean blue Calcite from Pakistan. (best-selling stone from '20 / '21)


Caribbean blue Calcite from Pakistan. (best-selling stone from '20 / '21)


It is this stone or I should speak of this trend that has brought us to "go full throttle for Afghanistan again", of course we love the country and its minerals. But it is that stone that is extremely popular at the moment!



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Contrary to what the name suggests, Caribbean Calcite does not hail from the Caribbean, it actually originates from Pakistan who’s coastal shore borders the Arabian Sea. Our tropical-looking Caribbean Calcite Towers come directly from a small, family-owned business in Pakistan. They each have fabulous layering of Blue Calcite as well as white and light brown Aragonite. Each crystal is individually numbered so you can choose the unique one that speaks to you. Caribbean Calcite was only just discovered in 2019 in Pakistan, so far this is the only known source of this rare combination of ocean Blue Calcite together with white and light brown Aragonite. With only local mining it is expected that once this source is fully mined it may never be rediscovered making it potentially rare, valuable and a future heirloom crystal. While this is still a relatively “new” crystal its powers are still being discovered. The general consensus is that it connects to the Crown and Third-Eye Chakras, enhancing psychic abilities. It has a very particular gentle energy making it work well for those suffering from high anxiety and tension. Kept close while sleeping its low-frequency vibrations aid sleep, facilitate astral dream travel, and lucid dreaming. Used as a meditation tool it promotes calmness of being and guides you in the direction of your higher self.