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Beautiful Agates, Pink Amethyst and Uruguay Amethyst on black stands from 29, -! Look further to our great spring offers and novelties! Order via the webshop or drop by by appointment, the coffee is ready. PS We do not expect Selenite Moons and engravings for another 8 working days!

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Aura - Magnetite from Kiruna, Sweden (BESTSELLER)

Aura - Magnetite from Kiruna, Sweden (BESTSELLER)


Aura - Magnetite from Kiruna, Sweden (BESTSELLER)


Natural Magnetite treated with Titanium, ensures that these tumbled stones are really appreciated by young and old!



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The creation of magnetite aura arises from a special process in which the surface of the magnetite is covered with sputtered fine powder of pure gold under high pressure. This results in a beautiful brilliant-like blue color with rainbow effects. This colored mineral is effective in treating especially the throat chakra. Enables communication with your inner truth and expresses your inner emotions. In China, it was already used in the 11th century BC. They used the magnetic properties of magnetite. The term "magnet", as a medieval indication for a magnetic stone, and the magnetite introduced by Wilhelm Haidinger in 1845, originated from the Latin magnet-magnet (with nominal magnes, magnet). Magnetic stones. The combination of Manetite and Gold is a combination that greatly enhances each other and is therefore very good for strengthening the healing properties of each other.

* Make energy flows better * let you show your inner emotion * In case of back pain * Against inflammation * Against nose bleeds
* Gives insight into difficult situations * Against cramps in general * In case of period cramps.

Hence good for R.S.I. and carpal tunnel syndrome. Use: Place the eggs or massage the eggs skin and body in places where you feel that it is most necessary. You can use the eggs several times a day and every day of the week. As toys: Fantastic as singing eggs, throw both parts into the air and if they meet again in the air then the whole room will be filled with the sound of a rattlesnake. Warning: Not suitable for children under 5 years old. Beware of pacemakers and credit cards.