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Aroma Oil Burner with candle & SELLER (various colors and scents)

Aroma Oil Burner with candle & SELLER (various colors and scents)


Aroma Oil Burner with candle & SELLER (various colors and scents)


Blister pack with ceramic aroma burner, candle and perfume oil. Ideal as a gift article for several moments.


80 x 70 x 60mm


More information

This Aroma Burner is suitable for subtle evaporation of essential oils, for example living room, office and coffee- or practice space.

Essential oil is also aromatic, called volatile or essential oil. The essential oils are volatile oils extracted from plants. Perfume oils, however, are chemically composed and are intended to mimic a fragrance. Perfume Oil is cheaper, but also less powerful. The word comes from the Greek ethereal Aither. Literally meaning Aither air of heaven. With Aither the Greeks indicated the lowest level of the cosmos. Sometimes it is called "essential oils" is spelled. The essential oils are just as essential volatile and very fragrant. The term essential oil is a anglicism and comes from the English word which means essence extract. Essential oils may be extracted from various parts of a plant, for example, the blossom, the fruit, the seeds, the leaves, the shell, or the timber (of stem, branches or roots). Sometimes contain different parts of a different plant essential oils. Some types of essential oils are quite expensive. This is because sometimes a lot of plants are needed to produce a small amount of oil. For example, a cheap oil is orange oil, because the peels of oranges are a waste product of the juice industry. Duration is, for example, rose oil, since there are a lot especially for the oil-grown roses are needed to produce a bit of essential oil.