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The webshop is open - and we have put together 40 very special offers for you.
In this unreal time we wish you the very best, stay healthy and take care of yourself! Our webshop remains open and has used the 40 best-selling items at very special prices. The wholesaler is only open on request by telephone, and if you are not ill / have a cold and can keep it at a distance of 1.5 meters, which is appropriate for the government. Sold a lot in this bizarre time; Ocean drums, Shakti-Yogamats , Hopi drums, Books, Lotus puzzles, Gemstone grids, Singing bowls, Black Tourmaline, Florida water and salt lamps, these last 3 articles against negative rays etc. etc.

23.03 arrived 20ft container Indonesia and 25.03 1500kgs Paua-shells from New Sealand and 26.03 Palosanto/Pyrite from Peru

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Bottle aroma diffuser fits each bottle.

Bottle aroma diffuser fits each bottle.


Bottle aroma diffuser fits each bottle.


Aroma diffuser that fits on every normal bottle. Working the same weld is expensive and can be used with a few drops of oil /

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The convenience of the bottle humidifier:
A great invention, wherever you go you can take and use it very easy , each bottle you can buy is suitable for this humidifier also another advantage is that you have to refill it very limited. Safe because the operation is just over U.S.B.

Suitable for:
*For the living room and the bedroom. *for the use when travelling in your hotel. *For use in the hospital or in the sauna. *For therapeutic use with essential oil. *For use in a beauty salon *For use where you need a nice scent. *For use in the hospitality industry.

This series uses ultrasonic principles combined with water and essential oils, atomizing it into the atmosphere which helps absorption into the body, so it is both healthy and natural. The atomized moisture contained in the mist also helps skin retain its moisture and is especially suited for air conditioned rooms and dry environments.