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Azeztulite oil from Canada with grounded azeztuliet. 50% OFF

Azeztulite oil from Canada with grounded azeztuliet. 50% OFF


Azeztulite oil from Canada with grounded azeztuliet. 50% OFF


High-energy oil, which is used among others for energetic power places on the body. Nice feature of the oil is that it smells very pleasant!

More information

What is Azeztulite: Azeztulite is a variety of quartz in white, yellow, pink, red and even purple. It has a beautiful vibration and it is said that people use it to get in contact with beings in other dimensions. The white stone is named after a group of interdemensionale beings called the Azez "The people who said that they found this stone came in contact with these beings, and information about it will bring to the attention of the world. It is said that the unusual vibrations are caused by the changes in the stone by these creatures of extraterrestrial origin ... and many people find the side a bit uncomfortable at first. Where does Azeztuliet from: from this crystal, white or opaque quartz is found in North Carolina and is now said to be the same stone as a white quartz is found in Vermont in the US ... And now there seem to exist colored variants. The meaning: The name Azez means' inexplicable Light "... the epitome of this light is the great Central Sun. They say that this stone bears the manifesto of the energy of the great central sun. .. And the purpose of the stone to anchor this light on our planet ... to make many changes on our planet. This would be a very powerful stone for new kinderen.Wat time can do for your health: This stone can help strengthen the spine and gives a lot of new energy.