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Sea container from Peru with Pyrite, Angelite, Chrysocolla, Mangano Calcite, Pink Andesopal and so on. Another 2000 kilos of Paua shells from New Zealand, 13 tons of Black Tourmaline from Orissa / India, 1100 lasered Selenite plates (Ohm, Flower of Life & Tree of Life) 27,000 bundles of Sage / 300 kilos of loose sage and a full salt container! Order via the website, or call for an appointment. The coffee is ready!

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Angel aura lemuric ice crystal from Arkansas USA (new in 2021)

Angel aura lemuric ice crystal from Arkansas USA (new in 2021)


Angel aura lemuric ice crystal from Arkansas USA (new in 2021)


"The 43rd Tucson Fair of 2021", we will not experience this because of this. Corona, and Arizona / USA which has a negative travel advice! We did, however, approach our regular suppliers and have their latest products sent, including this product!

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Meaning of Aqua / Titanium / Angel / Solar Aura Comes from a special process, in which the surface of the crystal is covered with atomized fine powder of pure gold under high pressure. This results in a beautiful brilliant blue color with rainbow effects. This colored crystal is effective in the treatment of the throat chakra in particular. Enables communication with your inner truth and allows you to express inner emotions.

Aqua aura quartz (The stone of the universal light) is a protective and healing stone with a strong effect on the aura. The stone not only cleans the aura but also reduces gaps in the energy field (caused by, for example, traumatic experiences, serious mental disorders and addictions). Aqua aura protects against negative energy, negative influences and spiritual or psychological attacks. The stone promotes self-realization by strengthening your inner potential and reducing barriers. As aqua aura activates the throat chakra, it enhances communication, expression of feelings and self-expression. Aqua aura strengthens the immune system and the healing properties of other stones.