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30th november grape Agate from Indonesia, furthermore received silver jewellery with Seraphinite, Larimar and Charoite, furthermore expected container with Chinese stones, and nice polished smoothstones. Order by webshop, or visit us.

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Advent calendar with 25 gems (ALREADY SOLD OVER 100,000!)


Advent calendar with 25 gems (ALREADY SOLD OVER 100,000!)


Advent calendar with 25 gems (ALREADY SOLD OVER 100,000!)


Between 2013 and 2019 we produced more than 100,000 of these advent calendars. And another thing is that he is not only sold with Christmas, but just the whole year! An absolute classic if you ask us!


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Every day a nice cut gemstone, the 24 days of Christmas to ensure the Christmas for a nice collection 24 gemstones, individual bearing their name.

An advent calendar is a calendar that is part of a Christian tradition that dates from the 19th century, Advent. The calendar contains several shutters, every day should be opened first hatch. Usually there is in the boxes some chocolate or other treats to be found for children. There are also calendars that focus more on adults, often the boxes are equipped with spells or photos. The calendar makes it fun to count down the days before Christmas. The calendars are produced in many different shapes and sizes. All calendars have in common that they count down the remaining days until Christmas, usually that 24. In that sense, the advent calendar has the same function as the Advent wreath. Often, the countdown begins on December 1 but it may be other dates between 27 November and 3 December. There are in any case always four Sundays in Advent. Advent is in Christianity the name for the period before Christmas. The name Advent comes from the Latin word adventus that coming means. In Advent Christians prepare themselves for the Christmas party, and is commemorated the birth and the coming of Jesus. Advent is originally from German Lutheran descent, which explains why you are in Germany and Austria can still find a lot of different Advent calendars. In recent years, the advent calendar is spread over a large number of Christian countries, but increasingly also on some non-Christian countries.


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