About us

TimmersGems is located in Berghem. With over 13,000 square meters of surface you will find the largest collection of minerals and gemstones in the world. In addition, you will be surprised with an impressive amount of Asian images, all unique works of art. You will come face to face with the largest wooden elephant in Europe, you will come into contact with the largest Amethyst pair in the Netherlands and a huge wooden statue of Buddha will make an unforgettable impression on you.

45 Years Experience: Timmersgems B.V. has been around since 1978 and has been passionately supplying goods of natural origin for more than 40 years. The emphasis is on gemstones and minerals. But Timmergems is also the right place for shells, fossils, naturalia, wood and bronze. This extensive collection is imported from no fewer than 45 countries worldwide. Our items are successfully sold in 13 European countries.

Our Showroom: Our showroom is a true experience. We cordially invite you to come and take a look in Berghem. Look out; this is only possible by appointment. An email or a call is sufficient. In our showroom you will find no fewer than 165.000 different items.

Our Webshop: Our showroom is a true experience, but so is the webshop! At home from your laptop or telephone you can choose from 10,000 items that we deliver to your location within 48 hours. After logging in you can view all prices immediately; including our competitive offers.

Our Clients: We are a wholesaler and this means that we do not do business with consumers. With this we want to prevent that we compete with our own customers. So do you have a shop or want to start a shop; Then you have come to the right place! We already work with many jewelers, goldsmiths, museum shops, health food shops, music shops, beach and coastal shops, wellness studios, therapists, interior shops, auction houses and garden centers!

Our Method: We believe in a personal approach. Owner Hans Timmers likes to think along with you and knows everything about gemstones and minerals. We are happy when your store is a success!

Our Promises:

  • Largest gemstone wholesaler in Europe
  • 165.000 items available from stock
  • Fast Delivery
  • Guaranteed competitive prices

The range includes more than 165,000 items which are sold in the following sectors:

Jewelers and goldsmiths:This has been our oldest group of customers since 1978. For example, we sell a lot of traditional Dutch costume jewelry to Volendam, Spakenburg and Middelburg, among others, where our Blood Corals (ecologically responsible from Italy) and Garnets are still sold. We also carry a beautiful collection of gemstone necklaces, bracelets, haberdashery but also display materials. Our packaging material has been marked "Timmersgems, naturally beautiful" since it was founded in 1978.

Gemstone and Museum Shops : Wide collection of minerals & fossils, we are the largest Amethyst (geode) importer in Europe. Every year we import over 50-55 tons of Amethysts, but Agate is also a speciality, from bookends to tealight holders. Another specialty is Madagascar, this island is unique in terms of flora and fauna, but also in terms of minerals. Timmersgems has a lot of products sharpened here under its own management and we dare to say that every day more than 40-50 people in Madagascar are busy sawing and sharpening products for us.

Esoteric and health stores: Himalayan salt products, aroma burners, natural incense, Sage, Palo Santo wood (Entirely own production from Peru) Rose of Jericho and Alum deo sticks. each and every one of the top products in this segment. We also have more than 420 incense types in our range, including Tibetan incense, many Darshan types & Nagchampa all (95 types).

Music stores: Already during the period 1979-2021 we import at least 2 to 3 times a year the best singing bowls in the world, which come from Nepal. Beautiful 7 or 9 metal singing bowls in the finest quality.

Indians and Shaman Shops: Every year we visit the largest Indian manifestation in the world, where not only the most beautiful Turquoises come from, but also our Shaman & Ocean drums, all covered with real natural hides from cattle, deer or horse. Beautiful handmade wooden sound boxes strung tightly with the most beautiful skins, which ensure a great sound. But also an important product are the buffalo and bison.

Beach and coastal shops: as well as nature museums; In various museums we annually deliver various naturalia such as shells, insects, shark teeth, shark products and butterflies. All products that are 100% ecologically responsible and that are used for educational purposes.

Welness studios and therapists: Hot Stones, Herbal Stamps (According to the Thai authorities we are in the TOP-3 of herbal stamp importers in Europe), Tizen aroma diffusers, massage beds, Guasha Jade scrapers, Singing Bowls and many more products.

Interieur branche: Although wooden products are becoming increasingly difficult to import, we still try to provide beautiful wooden statues, but also eco-wood products (from old wrecked houses and fishing boats). Furthermore, a large collection of lamps (Arabic lamps from Morocco in Henna and cast iron, but also beautiful shell lamps from Bali and teak lamps made of liana wood from the jungles of Myamar and Thailand).

Bronze Shops and Auction Houses Timmersgems also focuses on beautiful bronzes, netsukes, tank ash and beautiful museum minerals. These beautiful specimens find their way to end users such as museums and auction houses.

Garden centers: are also a regular customer, what about beautiful water features decorated with fantastic lava stone statues. Beautiful garden ornaments and walls of Amethyst and Rose Quartz. Huge fountains also find their way to garden centers in the countries.

  • Largest gemstone wholesaler in Europe
  • More than 165,000 various articles in stock
  • Fast delivery
  • Guaranteed competitive prices

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