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Back from the gemshow in bangkok we bought the rare stone Sultanite ("Diaspore") against very good prices and furthermore 50-80% DISCOUNT on everything in Hall 2, 3 & 4 Lava outdoor images up to 70% off, all horns, shells and ocean drums also 60-70% Discount. Come quickly, very interesting! Raw stones and Madagascar products from as little as 1.50 / kilo.

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Tangerine quartz pendant in real silver

Tangerine quartz pendant in real silver


Tangerine quartz pendant in real silver


In cooperation with Brazilian stone supplier, a new line of jewelry developed with popular stones.


More information

Tangerine Quartz is a natural crystal that worked with gold and koper.Het copper and gold is injected under high temperature on natural rock crystal and creates a beautiful shine and powerful operation. Tangerine quartz is a wonderful healing stone to help you heal after trauma or shock. It is also used to heal situations in a previous life and is beneficial in situations where one feels the need to make up for past actions. Tangerine Aura is used to increase self-confidence. Use it to identify your unique gifts, talents and creative abilities and vergroten.Dit is a joyous crystal that promotes motivation and enthusiasm. It will send direct energy to where it is most beneficial. It activates and balances the sacral hara chakra. It leads to a more positive vibration in life. Tangerine quartz is sometimes used to enhance sexuality and creativity. Golden crystal healer, is a collective name for hematoïde quartz, quartz and honey tangerine quartz (honingcalciet). Hematoïde crystals owe their unusual colors to natural iron oxide, hematite or hematoïde, inclusions crystal display a red, brown or golden yellow color. The iron particles may be embedded in the crystal, such as quartz hematoïde is the case. In tangerine quartz, there is a film or coating of iron oxide on the outside of the crystal present.