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After almost 6 years of being away today, 18 tons of Bronzite, Hematite, Cheetah (Serpentine), Aventurine, Blue Quartz and the only real 100% natural orange Calcite were received - all from Brazil. Coming week, a container from Madagascar, a shipment from Tucson and a shipment of drinking bottles expected. Order the new stones today via the webshop, or come by appointment! (Sorry, Friday 28th and saterday 29th we are closed)

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Kunzite from Afghanistan in 925/000 silver "Prestige" pendant

Kunzite from Afghanistan in 925/000 silver "Prestige" pendant


Kunzite from Afghanistan in 925/000 silver "Prestige" pendant


Prestige gemstone jewelry have been for almost 40 years for the 1st highest grade silver (925/000), 2. Beautiful free shape cut gems & 3. Good craftsmanship




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The mineral spodumene is a clinopyroxene having the chemical formula LiAl (SiO3) 2. Spodumene is a inosilicaat consisting of lithium, aluminum and silicate. It knows manifestations of colorless to many other colors. The colorless variant is called trifaan, the pink to purple variant kunzite and emerald variant of spodumene is known under the name of Hidde not. The crystal system is monoclinic and stripe color is white. The average density is 3.15 and the hardness is 6.5 to 7. spodumene is not radioactive and non-magnetic. The spodumene name is derived from the Greek word spodoumenos meaning "burning to ashes." This is because of the ash-gray appearance of the material that is made of it for use in the industry. Depending on the color distinction is kunzite varieties and hidde not, which are named after the discoverers G.F.Kunze and W.E.Hidden. Since it contains lithium spodumene, it is a mineral that makes it crystallizes in a magma. It is therefore often found in granitic pegmatites. The type of location is Pala