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92,000 gemstone bracelets & 28tons of Rockcrystals from Corintho/Brasil "Let the Christmas sales come", further new: Porcelain anite, White Jade and Red salt lamps. Pay attention; 22-27 October closed due to Munich Mineralientage. Order or drop by. Timmersgems is on the Mineralientage Munich 25 to 27 October 2019 Stand number: A4.374

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925/000 silver pendant with rare Sultanite (Diaspore)


925/000 silver pendant with rare Sultanite (Diaspore)


925/000 silver pendant with rare Sultanite (Diaspore)


The "Prestige 2020 collections" are made from the highest content of 925/000 silver and handmade by the best goldsmiths in Thailand. The collection is characterized by high finish and beautiful gems - sometimes treated -

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The stone of the old Sultans from Turkey that can change color. This is a stone from the old Turkish Sultans. The wise men of the Old East wrote about the controversial qualities. The oldest, largest deposits were found in Turkey and mining was carried out for a long time, and the Sultanite (Zultanite) got its name precisely because the Turkish sultans liked to decorate themselves with such a fantastic stone. And, of course, you also give such a stone to women and concubines! In Russia, in the depths of the Urals, however, deposits of the diaspora (the second name of the stone) are also known. The most important characteristic and mystery of the mineral lies in its ability to change color. It is like the chameleon among the precious stones. Slide track is a fragile stone that can only withstand very high temperatures and can therefore crack. It is a precious stone that is very popular in Russia, Norway and alsoin Europe.
The medicinal and healing effects:
* Good for memory promotion * Very effective in meditation. * Promotes digestion. * Good for the colon.
* Get yourself better analyzed. * Strong spiritual stone * Have your problems approached clearly. * Good with Crohn's disease.