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Sea container from Peru with Pyrite, Angelite, Chrysocolla, Mangano Calcite, Pink Andesopal and so on. Another 2000 kilos of Paua shells from New Zealand, 13 tons of Black Tourmaline from Orissa / India, 1100 lasered Selenite plates (Ohm, Flower of Life & Tree of Life) 27,000 bundles of Sage / 300 kilos of loose sage and a full salt container! Order via the website, or call for an appointment. The coffee is ready!

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925/000 Ring made in Smoky Quartz from Brazil (SUPER DISCOUNT -50%!)


925/000 Ring made in Smoky Quartz from Brazil (SUPER DISCOUNT -50%!)


925/000 Ring made in Smoky Quartz from Brazil (SUPER DISCOUNT -50%!)


Directly from Jaipur / India we buy the highest content of silver, and the most beautiful cut gemstones! Everything is handmade & unique! The jewelry weighs between 8 and 15 grams. So prices are super, super competitive!

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Smoky quartz is a quartz variety. The color is smoke brown to almost black, translucent. Very dark varieties are called morion. Smoky quartz is most common in cavities in intrusion rocks and high-grade metamorphic rocks. Smoky quartz is rare in sedimentary rocks and outgrowth rocks. Locations include the Alps, Brazil, Russia, Mexico, India, Ireland, Zimbabwe, Afghanistan, and the US. The color of smoky quartz is caused by aluminum in the crystal lattice in combination with ionizing radiation. The aluminum replaces the silicon in the crystal structure, forming the complex [AlO4-] instead of [SiO4]. During the growth of the crystal, in order to compensate for the resulting charge difference, small monovalent cations of, for example, hydrogen, lithium or sodium are simultaneously incorporated into the crystal structure. Under the influence of ionizing radiation, the electron from the [AlO4 -] complex moves to a cation and a color center is formed. This process normally only takes place below 50 ° C. At higher temperatures, the breakdown of the color centers takes place faster than their production. The source of the ionizing radiation is usually potassium-40 in the surrounding rock. The color of smoky quartz therefore arises long after the crystals have formed and can take several millions of years. This is also the reason that most smoky quartz forms in feldspar-rich rocks such as granite. When heated above 200 ° C, smoky quartz will lose its color. Irradiating clear quartz (rock crystal) with X-rays or gamma rays almost always produces smoky quartz. The method is therefore used to make smoky quartz from colorless quartz. In ancient times, this stone warned soldiers in battle when it turned dark. Smoky quartz is still used for rosaries and crucifixes. A number of medicinal properties are attributed to smoky quartz; it would help against digestive complaints, stress, grief and help with a desire to have children. According to various literature, the mineral belongs to the constellation: Libra.