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Business holiday 2020: 13-26th july!  Ordering via the webshop is possible and will  be sent on the 28th!

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5 pendants with chain in gift box

5 pendants with chain in gift box


5 pendants with chain in gift box


Beautiful luxury gift packaging


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With shuttling is meant answering the (life) request with the aid of a pendulum, a drop-shaped often metal, glass or wooden object to a wire or chain. Shuttling is just considered as a form of dowsing radiesthesia and divination. Commuting is among other things, to find possible answers (life) questions or to detect so-called "energies". There is no scientific evidence that commute to work, but people who use the shuttle believe that the instrument is working properly. When the pendulum is taken into the fixed end of a flexible wire, rope or chain with a length of 5 to 10 centimeters. On the other end hanging an object made of metal, glass, wood or other material, which functions as a small weight. This weight can have different shapes and sizes. Questioning should be done carefully in order to obtain a good response. The question must therefore be exact and one can only ask one question at a time. The pendulum would then be able to confirm a particular way of moving the question or 'no' answer. When the pendulum is sometimes used a pendulum map, on which a number of possible answers or depicted an alphabet stand. As the pendulum move in all directions can also shuttle menu offers orientation more opportunities to read the detailed answer.


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