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37 kilos of silver jewelery from Jaipur in India, 17 new tumbled stones from South Africa, Blue Aragonite angels from Argentina, 11 new flat stones, 4300 kg Calcites from Mexico, Pink Calcite in boxes, Rainbow Obsidian hearts, spheres etc. 5 Cargoes arrived with a lot news! We expect containers from Morocco & Brazil next week. The webshop is open and our wholesaler remains open BY APPOINTMENT! What is unfortunately not a nice development are the freight rates that are actually up to 5 times higher than normal! (We are closed on Saturday January 16th)

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2021 series! Drilled pendants package with a fantastic mix of 50 pieces.

2021 series! Drilled pendants package with a fantastic mix of 50 pieces.


2021 series! Drilled pendants package with a fantastic mix of 50 pieces.


Elegant pear cut gemstone pendants with 3mm hole. (25x30x6mm) and that in the 10 best-selling stone types of our time, presented in the "2021 series"



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Gemstones are rare stones that are usually worked and used in jewelry and ornamental objects. Gemstones have the following characteristics: Beauty. This includes visual aspects such as color, shine, fire, transparency and lighting effects. Durability. This involves looking at hardness, fragility / fissionability and chemical resistance. Rarity. This looks at how often a product occurs in nature. Gemstones can be cut in many different shapes. The basic distinction is made between cabochon, where the gemstone is cut into a convex shape, and faceted, where the surface of the gemstone is cut into different facets. When grinding, people look at various properties of the stone, including the color, color distribution, inclusions, special light effects, dispersion and fracture and grinding surfaces. They are processed into necklaces, earrings, bracelets and many other jewelry, but the gemstones are also used in industry for processing. Well-known gemstones include diamond, ruby, emerald, sapphire, aquamarine, topaz, tourmaline, amethyst, citrine, carnelian, opal, onyx, turquoise, lapis lazuli and garnet. In the 18th and early 19th century it was fashionable to make jewelry that included someone's name or initials. The choice of gemstones was guided by the first letter of the gemstone's name, which is how the gemstone alphabet came about. Similar achrosticon jewelry was also made during the nineteenth century, in which sentiments were expressed in gemstones. Most famous is the English 'regard' ring, an engagement ring in which the word 'regard' (esteem) was formed by the gemstones ruby ​​(ruby), emerald (emerald), garnet (garnet), amethyst, diamond (diamond)