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2021 - Golden triangle (Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Rock crystal) "Bracelet set" in FREE fabric bag

Zakje armbanden golden triangle 2020jp_product

2021 - Golden triangle (Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Rock crystal) "Bracelet set" in FREE fabric bag


2021 - Golden triangle (Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Rock crystal) "Bracelet set" in FREE fabric bag


Produced in-house before 2021, FREE fabric bag containing the three high-quality golden triangle products! Very beautiful and guarantees success.



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It is common that in an environment where people live together the energies are violently in motion. This speaks for itself because every person brings his energy management and these are all different. Of course this clashes every now and then. The golden triangle of gemstones can really help with this, if the Amethyst, Rose Quartz and Rock crystal are placed in a triangle, a positive energy flow is created that benefits everything. You will notice that the mood in the house will improve. Three stones in a triangle, 3 has a strong meaning in life. Think of the 3 unity in the church, 3 primary necessities of life, life phases, etc. Also in geometry and mathematics the number 3 and the triangle come back very often. By using the triangle, the energies of the stones will interconnect and the whole house will be provided with positive energy channels that will dissolve the various negative energies, making living together a lot more pleasant.

The golden triangle enhances the individual properties of the stones
• Amethyst: Helps relax, makes less pressure, against stress and tension.
• Rock crystal: Cleans energy and aura, makes it more vital and clear. For pain.
• Rose Quartz: Clears thoughts, creates harmony and love.
Relax and balance with the power of this “golden triangle”