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37 kilos of silver jewelery from Jaipur in India, 17 new tumbled stones from South Africa, Blue Aragonite angels from Argentina, 11 new flat stones, 4300 kg Calcites from Mexico, Pink Calcite in boxes, Rainbow Obsidian hearts, spheres etc. 5 Cargoes arrived with a lot news! We expect containers from Morocco & Brazil next week. The webshop is open and our wholesaler remains open BY APPOINTMENT! What is unfortunately not a nice development are the freight rates that are actually up to 5 times higher than normal! 

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100 Velvet Storage Bags in various assorted colors

100 Velvet Storage Bags in various assorted colors


100 Velvet Storage Bags in various assorted colors


Beautiful velvet, available in black, blue, brown, green, purple and pink. Luxury packaging for pendants, earrings and rings!

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Velvet is a woven fabric, in which upright fluff, the so-called pool of silk or cotton are co-woven with the warp threads and are cut off. These days are also used other substances, such as linen, wool and mohair. Also synthetic substances are also used. Sometimes there is a bit of lycra added to achieve a certain degree of elasticity. Velvet is a soft and delicate, shiny fabric, which is used traditionally for expensive clothes. The technique of weaving velvet coming from Asia came around 1400 in Italy flourished, especially in Lucca, Florence, Venice and Genoa; the latter city is still a velvet center. In the 16th century Bruges became a center of velvet weavers, which is not inferior in quality to the Italian example. Also in other areas, however, was woven velvet. Rich people in the 17th century often wore velvet, and lived on a grand canal, which includes the street name Velvet Burgwal of witnesses, which occurs both in The Hague and Monnickendam. Also in Amsterdam was once a Velvet Burgwal. The House at the three canals is on the side of the Oudezijdsvoorburgwal a plaque naming that which is still recognizable. Velvet is woven by a special type of loom. The Metex machine is a special type of machine designed for the production of velvet. The weft is inserted into the bottom of a double yawn yawn opening. The pole is obtained by inserting steel rods or rods in the upper shed. During the extraction of the rods of the pool, one can choose between cut or uncut pile or a combination of both. We can distinguish the rods in two large groups. First, we have the rods in order to create a looped pile. Since there is no blade is on the tip, the wires lying on the rod are not cut open, and one gets an uncut pile. The second option is the cut pile. A cut pile is obtained by at the tip of the rod to fix a small knife. When pulling out the rod all (pole) wires that are on are nicely cut in half. And as a last resort it can flex with the two wire rods weaving above the other. Thus, one gets a relief.

Coating a velvet box.

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