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Dear relation: The holiday is almost over But in many countries they have continued to work on the new Timmersgems ATUMNN COLLECTION. From August 19 to September 1 our showrooms are packed with new products including 1. Containers from Madagascar with lots of news. 2. from Cebu with shells and lotus lights. 3. from India with HEM Incense. 4. from Brazil with 22 tons of Geodes. 5. from Mexico with black and Andara obsidian. 6. from India with a lot of Silver and 7. from Indonesia with a lot of carvings.

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Chinese horoscope lucky pendant

Chinese horoscope lucky pendant


Chinese horoscope lucky pendant


Beautiful crystal pendant, featuring a cutaway horoscope image with drop reflected the Buddha with real 22 carat gold foil.


25 x 35mm


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A horoscope is an astrological representation of the celestial sphere as seen from a particular place on earth at any particular time. The term is derived from the Greek "horoskopos", meaning "look at the hours" and means "horoskopoi", "writer of the hour." According to astrology, there is a correlation between the position of celestial bodies like the sun, moon and planets, and events that occur on Earth. Actually you for any past, present or future event draw a horoscope. It is therefore not true that this event must necessarily be the birth of a human being, which is called a natal chart. There exist except birth charts also uurhoekhoroscopen example, where the outcome of an event is predicted, electiehoroscopen to make a choice, mundaanhoroscopen to predict events at mundaan level (fair, earthquakes etc.) and solaarhoroscopen to predict year trends. The chart shows the position of the sun, moon and planets at a particular time and in a particular place. These modes are placed in a framework of houses. Those homes are actually a projection of the twelve signs on Earth, usually calculated from the ascendant. This completely relates to an astrologer events - past, present or future - place on earth. It is assumed that there is a connection between the position of celestial bodies and events on earth.

Predictions are made by drawing a horoscope for moments in the future (over the course of the sun, moon and planets, after all, is fixed). In the past this was a time-consuming task; it took a lot of time to calculate precisely and to determine where the planets at any given moment all stood. Today expires calculating a horoscope much faster with the computer. The interpretation of the horoscope is now sometimes done with the computer, but in any case provides no coherent set up. The predictions of astrology will not become more accurate, but the astrologer now has much more time to his or her disposal to the multitude of astrological elements to form a complete picture, since it is mainly the process of interpretation is that a lot of time taking. Since the alleged link between the position of celestial bodies and events on earth, also known as the principle of synchronicity, not as a scientific explanation is accepted, scientists found the accuracy of such predictions debatable.

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