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Madagascar, Maroc & Arkansas containers have arrived! Furthermore, a large BACKYARDSALE with 32 tons of rough stones, 173 boxes with rare shells, 117 boxes of Darshan incense and lots of lava images EVERYTHING HAS TO GO! 



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Tiffany Stone also Bertrandrite Morado Opal called from Nevada USA


Tiffany Stone also Bertrandrite Morado Opal called from Nevada USA


Tiffany Stone also Bertrandrite Morado Opal called from Nevada USA


For the first time in 41 years we come across a 40cm and 8mm thick bullet necklace in Bertrandiet. This stone is really rare, and because it belongs to my personal favorites, we immediately bought it. Because the price is really ridiculously cheap!

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Tiffany Stone (Bertrandite or Morado Opal) the usually purple colour and varied appearance make the stone very recognizable. The stone has a strong connection with higher energies, strengthens the foreboding, brings creativity into the mind, allows the wearer to interpret messages correctly, gives a clear connection with guides and shows the divine in oneself and others. Tiffany Stone is sometimes also called "Faceted Fluorite" and is clearly a combination of stones including Beryl, one of the lightest but energetically strongest active minerals. It is particularly rare and powerful. The gemstone is only found in Utah (U.S.A.). The mineral Bertrandite (Tiffany stone or Morado Opal) is a beryllium containing sorosilicate with the chemical formula Be4Si2O7 (OH) 2. Bertrandiet is a colourless to light yellow orthorombic mineral with a hardness on the Mohs scale of 6-7. It was first discovered near Nantes (France) in 1883 and was named after the French mineralogist Emile Bertrand. It is often found in beryllium-rich pegmatites. Bertrandite often occurs as a pseudomorphic beryl replacement. This mineral is, just like Beryl, a beryllium ore.