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Bakari stone (Tseseniet) from Karas, Namibia (very rare)

Bakari stone (Tseseniet) from Karas, Namibia (very rare)


Bakari stone (Tseseniet) from Karas, Namibia (very rare)


Belonging to the rarest gemstones in the world. Is he both gem and fossil. Bakari means "successful" and thus is also worn as a lucky charm.



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The Bakari stone is found in the Karas region, widely dispersed in the Namib Desert, on the edge of the South African diamond belt. It is an extraordinary rock that reminds us of the origin of the earth. In it pulsates the message of the star dust. The Bakari is an earthy rock and very suitable for meditation. Bakari means direct translation "The Successful". From an esoteric point of view, it promotes spiritual development, unites extraordinary energies, and is described by many stonekeepers as particularly conscious. It is not only a popular source of meditation, but also, as a messenger between the worlds, which connects the earth to the universe (due to the fact that it is probably caused by meteorite impact). Mineralogically, the stone contains components of marcasite, pyrite and limonite.