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The webshop is open - and we have put together 40 very special offers for you.
In this unreal time we wish you the very best, stay healthy and take care of yourself! Our webshop remains open and has used the 40 best-selling items at very special prices. The wholesaler is only open on request by telephone, and if you are not ill / have a cold and can keep it at a distance of 1.5 meters, which is appropriate for the government. Sold a lot in this bizarre time; Ocean drums, Shakti-Yogamats , Hopi drums, Books, Lotus puzzles, Gemstone grids, Singing bowls, Black Tourmaline, Florida water and salt lamps, these last 3 articles against negative rays etc. etc.

23.03 arrived 20ft container Indonesia and 25.03 1500kgs Paua-shells from New Sealand and 26.03 Palosanto/Pyrite from Peru

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Genuine silk lanterns from Vietnam (with garlands of 50-60 cm)

Genuine silk lanterns from Vietnam (with garlands of 50-60 cm)


Genuine silk lanterns from Vietnam (with garlands of 50-60 cm)


BESTSELLER! Lanterns are HOT in 2016, the windows in the main shopping streets are filled with the most beautiful lanterns from Vietnam. Strongly made of the finest silks and wooden rings, not plastic caps from China.

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A lantern is a brightly colored lamp that serves as decoration and to create a party atmosphere. This can occur in a sling, or be carried along with certain parties. The children make their own lantern that hangs on a pole and illuminated with a candle or battery indicator, and thus go knocking on doors. There is, in some regions of Flanders and the Netherlands in the habit of kids at school to make a lantern. On November 11th (St. Maarten) they go singing from door to door and beg for candy or so some change. In other regions this happens on January 6 (Epiphany). These lanterns made by local Vietnamese artisans, whose tradition goes back more than 600 years. The frames of the lanterns are handmade and hand strung with the best side, the lights are very suitable to decorate a room as a bedroom. Our lamps are handmade in Hanoi, local small-scale workshops. The material is used is 100% natural Vietnamese silk (natural silk from the silkworm is very famous in Asia, think of Jim Thompson in Thailand) The side has pretty bright and vivid colors and features Asian and other symbols. All lamps are handmade with natural materials such as bamboo, natural silk and certified wood. 


Vietnam (Vietnamese: Việt Nam), officially the Socialist Republic of Vietnam is a country in Southeast Asia. It is located on the Indochina peninsula and is bordered by China to the north by the Gulf of Tonkin and the Chinese island situated therein Hainan in the Northeast, the South China Sea in the south-east, Cambodia to the southwest and by Laos to the northwest. With 92,477,857 (2013) inhabitants Vietnam is one of the fourteen most populous countries in the world. The capital is the northern Hanoi (Hà Nội), and the largest city is the southern Ho Chi Minh City (Thành Pho Ho Chi Minh), the former Saigon. After more than a thousand years of Chinese rule, Vietnam was in the tenth century independently. In the centuries that followed expanded the land southward direction. In the nineteenth century, Vietnam, along with neighboring Laos and Cambodia, colonized by France. The French left the colony after the First Indochina War (December 6, 1946 until August 1, 1954), after Vietnam was divided into a communist north part and an anti-communist southern part. These two parts fought through during the Second Indochina War, known as the Vietnam War (1957 to 1975), which eventually led to a North Vietnamese victory and a reunification of the two delen.Sinds reunification in 1976 Vietnam is a socialist people's republic. The Communist Party of Vietnam is the only political party all the power in their hands, although the country increasingly in international diplomacy and the world economy has been involved since 1986 political and economic reforms.